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Nurturing for Future Development

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Nurturing for Future Development Organization-Uganda is an organization resulted from Marium, who has throughout her education life struggled to raise school fees for her studies. She has not been different from those other bigger sums of numbers of young people on the streets of urban cities and those in villages, whose their guardians and parents are surviving on subsistence farming with no defined and stable sources of income that could facilitate for their basic needs.

This is a scourge that needs world friends’ interventions, if not arrested in this 21st century, the developing world is heading for disaster. As if this is not enough, the daily source of income, is also affected by climate change. An increase in temperatures has been a hindrance to further growing in some parts of African regions, East Africa, Uganda being the victim and yet this substance farming has been also an alternative source of small income to some families for meeting their basic needs.

Marium was not able to escape this scourge. Marium, borne from Kabale district in Uganda, she has been worrying how to raise school fees to meet her future dream of being Human rights activist.

Like any other mother, Marium’s mother, a local peasant has struggled a lot to provide for her daughter’s school fees until high school when things ran out of her hands.

Marium decided to look for a job and started working in a local restaurant in Kampala and this where she met Maahe Bob, Maahe Bob’s organization was a client to the restaurant. The restaurant used to serve the trainees and the workshop participants in the organization from his organization, And he was touched to see a young girl serving in the hotel with no hotel management skills and intervened to know why she was serving in a hotel at that young early age.

On interaction with her, she shared a lot with Maahe Bob and they both (Marium and Bob) agreed that Marium should go back to school at least to complete a college course at Makerere University in bachelors of Arts in Ethics and Human rights. After 2nd year, it was not easy for Marium mom and Bob to keep her in school instead Marium resorted to face book as the only option of finding help from anonymous people. Like any lucky person, this did not take long, she was able to link up with Tomas Browne from Ireland. Face book being regarded as the source of scammers, this was not easy for Tom to believe in what she was talking to him. And this manifested a lot of reference requests from her.Erica Enz with her husband based in California had to recommend her due to previous meet up that Marium had experienced with them physically in 2013. A couple of thanks too is extended to Danyell Hoglen, Lona Conner and her late husband for the great support rendered to her.

This brought back happiness to her as she was continuing with her course. Today, Marium is a graduate, with bachelors’ degree in Ethics and Human rights from Makerere University.

Following the situation that she went through, here she is with an idea of helping others as she was helped to achieve her dream. Marium noticed that in order to achieve her dream of helping the needy, hence founding Nfdo-Uganda



A nation for peace, hope and economic independency for prosperity.


NFDO-Uganda seeks to improve economic, social and environmental issues that affect vulnerable people’s prosperity.

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