Organization - Uganda

Nurturing for Future Development

At NFDO-Uganda we train directly in hands on skills and this is where we anchor our emphasis. Hand on skills is now looked at and considered as the solution to the youth challenges in Uganda, that’s why we emphasis that people should prioritize these training. They are mostly available for abused women, teenage mothers and the vulnerable youth.

NFDO-Uganda also performs some of its activities through sensitization, we sensitize people about issues in their communities and we inform them through outreaches, community forums, and trainings for example on;
a- Domestic violence
b- Human rights
c- Health, reproductive education and
d- Environmental degradation.

NFDO-Uganda runs its activities through grants and those individual donors really helped our work to run, so please both funding agencies and individual donors NFDO-Uganda counts on you.
All our efforts made towards our target groups, lead to empowering vulnerable communities of children, youths and women.

A nation for peace, hope and economic independency for prosperity.
NFDO-Uganda seeks to improve economic, social and environmental issues that affect vulnerable people’s prosperity.

- To provide educational materials and financial support to the needy young school going vulnerable girls
- To access developmental interventions, support to unemployed vulnerable women , teenage mothers , survivors of domestic violence and vulnerable girls in our operating areas.
- To improve on the economic and social welfare of the less privileged women , girls , youth and children
- To create networking platform for youth, women and the underprivileged in regards to human social living situations.
- To promote and support technical vocational maintenance and establishment efforts.
- To develop and support programs aimed at creating awareness about human rights.
- To organize seminars, symposia, discourses and sensitization workshops aimed at mobilizing resources for developing oriented groups to educate the public and impact knowledge to developskills for achievement of NFDO-Uganda objectives.
- To protect, conserve and regenerate environment.

NFDO-Uganda methodologies of its interventions are through training, informing, support and empowering. NFDO-Uganda is for vulnerable women , girls , teenage mothers , abused women , children and youth.
Our primary target age group is 10-35. This is the kind of the group we found most vulnerable and that require a lot of support especially in acquiring education.
We directly provide scholastic materials and school fees. We also offer sponsorship for vulnerable girls
School fees is collected through writing stories of those in need .and your contribution will directly be made to benefit the chosen beneficially. However, a pool kind of support (general donations) can also be used for the same activity.
We are supporting both formal and vocational and technical education to women, girls and youth